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Allium commutatum - island garlic (50 seeds)

Allium commutatum - island garlic (50 seeds)

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    Perennial, herbaceous plant with an underground bulb divided into bulbils surrounded by a white paper membrane. The ribbon-like, glaucous green leaves are up to 50-60 cm long and are opposite and arched downwards. At the end of summer it produces a spherical inflorescence borne by a long floral scape up to 120-150 cm high. This inflorescence is made up of numerous small, delicately scented purple flowers. The minute black seeds are found inside small dehiscent ovoid capsules.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    A characteristic plant of coastal areas, it grows in stony or sandy soils in garrigues, pastures or uncultivated lands. It resists heat, wind, salt and drought. Not a very rustic plant, it only tolerates short frosts down to -5°/-7°C for short periods. Both the leaves and the bulbs can be eaten and have the great advantage of having a very delicate flavor and being particularly digestible.


    In early autumn or spring.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Allium commutatum

    Family: Amaryllidaceae

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