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Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese cedar (25 seeds)

Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese cedar (25 seeds)

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    Genus of evergreen arboreal conifer composed of a single species native to Asia. However, there are different cultivars with different shapes and sizes. Cryptomeria japonica is a moderately growing evergreen conifer, up to 20-25 meters tall, characterized by a pyramidal crown and a trunk branched from the base. The leaves are scaly, small in size, light green in color and sometimes take on bronze colors during the winter as temperatures drop. The fruits are small spherical cones that open when ripe.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers loose, deep and fresh soil. This conifer is also fairly rustic, resisting up to -14°/-16°c. It should be planted in a sunny or partial shade position and does not tolerate intense wind and dryness. Due to the beauty of its shape and delicate foliage it is widely used in parks and large gardens as an isolated specimen or in a group together with other conifers.


    In spring

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Cryptomeria japonica

    Family: Cupressaceae

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