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Cupressus arizonica - Arizona cypress (30-100-1,000 seeds)

Cupressus arizonica - Arizona cypress (30-100-1,000 seeds)

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    Genus of about 24 species of arboreal, evergreen, monoecious conifers native to the Northern Hemisphere, growing in dry, open hilly forests. Cupressus arizonica is a monoecious evergreen conifer up to 20-25 meters tall characterized by a pyramidal crown and a dark brown trunk branching from the base in adult specimens. The leaves are scaly, small in size, glaucous green in color and give off a pleasant scent. The male cones are yellowish in color and are located at the end of the twigs. The female cones are rounded, reddish brown in color, made up of woody scales.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers deep and loose soils but also resists superficial and stony ones. This species resists aridity very well, although it benefits from regular irrigation during the summer season. This conifer is also fairly rustic, resisting up to -14/- 16°c. It should be planted in a sunny position and tolerates wind and drought well. Much appreciated in parks and gardens for creating topiary hedges and rows.


    From autumn to early spring

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Cupressus arizonica

    Family: Cupressaceae

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