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Genista tinctoria - minor broom (25 seeds)

Genista tinctoria - minor broom (25 seeds)

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    Genus of around sixty species of shrubs and small deciduous trees, often thorny, distributed in the Mediterranean basin, from southern Europe to the Middle East to North Africa. Genista tinctoria is a small deciduous shrub up to 1m tall. The alternate small ovate or sometimes lanceolate leaves are dark green. In spring it produces numerous golden yellow flowers, gathered in apical inflorescences. The fruits are small legumes. Very small yellow seeds 0.5/1 mm.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers sunny positions, also adapting to partial shade. It is a fairly rustic species, it also tolerates winter frosts down to -10°/-12°c. It prefers soils that are generally acidic, fresh and without water stagnation.


    In spring, after scarifying the seeds with hot water.

    To find out how to scarify the seed with hot water you can watch this tutorial of ours on Youtube .

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Genista tinctoria

    Family: Leguminosae

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