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Juniperus communis - juniper (30 seeds)

Juniperus communis - juniper (30 seeds)

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    Genus of about 50-60 species of evergreen conifers, shrubs and tall trees, widespread in dry forests and on hill slopes of all regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Juniperus communis is a very long-lived, moderately growing evergreen shrub or small tree that reaches 6 m in height. It has a smooth reddish gray bark that becomes wrinkled when ripe. The stems are very branched and the wood is fragrant. The leaves are needle-like, pungent and glaucous green in colour. Being a dioecious plant, it has male and female flowers on two different plants. Plants that have a female inflorescence bear small, green flowers collected in catkins below the leaf axil. The plants that have a male inflorescence bear yellow flowers gathered in small cones formed by the anthers and protected by scales. When ripe, the fruits take on a bluish-black color.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It adapts to all types of soil, preferring well-drained soil with a good organic substance content, but also accepts poor and stony soil. It prefers an exposure in full sun or partial shade. A very rustic plant, it grows well in a Mediterranean climate even reaching high altitudes, it resists cold and drought.


    From autumn to early winter. Dormant seeds arise 14-18 months after planting.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Juniperus communis

    Family: Cupressaceae

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