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Laurus nobilis - laurel (Offer 40 Forest Cells)

Laurus nobilis - laurel (Offer 40 Forest Cells)

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Altezza della pianta: 30-60cm
Genus of 2 species of evergreen shrubs and trees, native to the woods and rocky places of the Azores, Canary Islands and Mediterranean regions. Laurus nobilis is a shrub or small evergreen tree up to 12-15 m tall, with a conical shape and compact foliage. Aromatic leaves, lanceolate or strictly ovate, with wavy edges, shiny, usually dark green in color. In spring, greenish yellow flowers appear, collected in bunches, followed by black berries on the female plants. The leaves are widely used in cooking to flavor and soften foods.

Pedoclimatic needs

It adapts to any type of soil, as long as it is well drained, preferring fresh, fertile soil with a good organic substance content. During the dry season it benefits from regular watering, although it can tolerate drought for short periods. It is moderately cold-resistant -7°/-9°C.

Botanical Information

Name: Laurus nobilis

Family: Lauraceae

NB: you will receive the plants in a container without a pot. If you need to understand how to best decant your sockets, watch the video in this link , or choose pots and soil from the Pots and Soils collection .

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