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Acacia saligna - mimosa marina (20-50-1000 seeds)

Acacia saligna - mimosa marina (20-50-1000 seeds)

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Ogni confezione include circa 28 semi (0,5gr).

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    Genus comprising 1,100 species of trees, shrubs, deciduous and evergreen climbers, cultivated primarily for their flowers and sometimes for their attractive foliage. Acacias are widespread in the tropical and warm temperate regions of Central and South America, Kenya, Southern Africa, Polynesia and Australia. The Acacia Saligna is a rapidly growing upright shrub or small evergreen tree. Whole leathery leaves of 10-12 cm. Yellow Flowers Gathered In Very Fragrant Flower Heads. It blooms between March and April.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Grow in full sun in sandy soil. It is also suitable for limestone soils. Mediterranean climate. Minimum temperatures up to - 6 A - 8°C.


    Scarification With Warm Water In Spring.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Acacia Saligna

    Family: Leguminoseae

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