Collection: Plants in Alveolus

With plants grown in plugs you don't have to worry about the roots spiraling.

You will grow more stable plants, more easily.

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How a plant is grown in forestry alveolus

The plants in the alveolus are grown inside special containers, designed to allow the roots to descend deeply and to avoid root spiraling.

What you will receive

The plants you will receive will arrive as in the photo, for this reason, prepare to transfer the cells into the vase as soon as possible.

If you need advice, in this YouTube video you can find out everything about plug plants .

How large is it

Our alveoli are 15cm high (root part of the plant), and approximately 6x6cm wide.
The height of the plant varies according to the species of the plant itself: from a few cm of shrubby plants, to around 40cm of plants that grow quickly in height.

What are the benefits

Plants grown in this way are easier to plant, they take root more quickly, they develop an orderly root system which guarantees stability to the plant.