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Do you know what a forestry socket is?

Forest alveoli are containers designed to allow optimal root growth.

When you order a plug-grown plant, you will receive a plant without a pot, with a healthy root system, ready to be planted and take root in a short time.

Do you need a vase?

If you are looking for a pot for your forestry alveoli, or if you need new pots, soil and fertilizers, you will find everything below!

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Discover our seeds

Selected seeds of our best plants and the rarest cultivars.

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Native Flora

By choosing native plants, you will not disturb the delicate balance of our ecosystems and will therefore obtain a garden that is excellent from an environmental point of view, as well as splendid to look at.

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Discover the Mediterranean flora

Myrtle, Lentisk, Rosemary, Juniper and everything that can make your garden fragrant and summery.

Click below and discover the plants in our "Mediterranean Plants" collection.

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Explore exotic plants

From Strelitzia to Monsteree, discover our new collection of exotic and tropical plants.

Perfect as houseplants or to make your garden a jungle

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If you need a hand with your garden

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    24 years of experience in production, a history of redevelopment, love and love for flora.

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  • Garden design

    Transform your garden with new Mediterranean or exotic plants.

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  • Native Flora

    Discover the Mediterranean flora and choose the perfect plants and flowers for your garden.

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