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Acer Palmatum Polymorphum Cv. "Viridis" - Green Japanese Maple (Vase 18 Cm, FRANCO)

Acer Palmatum Polymorphum Cv. "Viridis" - Green Japanese Maple (Vase 18 Cm, FRANCO)

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    Altezza della pianta: 170-200cm cm
    Genus of about 150 species of deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs of Europe, northern Africa and Asia and northern and central America. Acer palmatum polymorphum cv “viridis” slow-growing shrub or small deciduous tree with a trailing habit that can reach a height of 6-8 m. Its drooping foliage tends to touch the ground and can reach a width of 6-8 metres. The bright green color of the leaves is maintained for almost the whole year except in the autumn season in which they take on colors ranging from yellow to red.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Maples are suitable for any type of garden depending on the species and size. This species is very demanding regarding the nature of the soil, preferring fresh and well-drained ones with an acid reaction. It likes a sunny or partially shaded exposure. Rustic plant, it resists minimum temperatures reaching -10°\-15°c, but fears late frosts and strong winds. This cultivar is also suitable for cultivation in pots. Much more vigorous than other varieties of Japanese maple, it is often used as a rootstock for the numerous cultivars of Acer palmatum.

    Botanical name

    Acer palmatum polymorphum cv “viridis”


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