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Agave lophantha cv. "quadricolor" (Square vase 9x9x10 cm)

Agave lophantha cv. "quadricolor" (Square vase 9x9x10 cm)

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    Altezza della pianta: 10-20cm cm
    Genus of over 200 species of rosette-forming monocarpic perennials and succulents of desert and mountainous regions of North and Central America. Agave lophantha is a relatively easy species to grow. It forms small solitary or tufted rosettes up to 60 cm high and up to 1.2 m wide. The leaves of this cultivar are variegated, bright green in the center while the margins are yellow without chlorophyll. When mature, the plant produces inflorescences up to 2-3 meters high on which there are greenish yellow flowers. After flowering, which occurs around the 10th/15th year of age, the plant dies. Flowering occurs in the summer period.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers drained soil without water stagnation. Grow in full sun. It adapts to being grown both in large pots, in the ground or in flowerbeds. Moderately rustic species, it resists short frosts and minimum temperatures reaching -6°/- 8°c. During the dry season it resists heat and drought well, although it benefits from regular irrigation by waiting for the earth to dry between one irrigation and another.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Agave lophantha cv “quadricolor”

    Family: Agavaceae

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