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Agave salmiana var. ferox - spiny agave (14 cm vase)

Agave salmiana var. ferox - spiny agave (14 cm vase)

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    Altezza della pianta: 12-18cm cm
    Genus of over 200 species of rosette-forming monocarpic perennials and succulents of desert and mountainous regions of North and Central America. Agave salmiana var. Ferox takes the

    Botanical Information

    Botanical name "fierce" due to its particularly large and curved thorns. This species becomes very large at maturity, especially in more fertile and irrigated soils, where it sometimes reaches up to 3.5 meters in height and width. Like most agaves, it is monocarpous, meaning it flowers only once and then dies. This flowering occurs after 15/20 years, in the form of an inflorescence up to 6-8 m long, with golden yellow flowers on the top. The dark green leaves are up to 2/2.5 m long and bear numerous brownish gray marginal spines. The apical spine is very robust and can be up to 10 cm long.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    This species is very large and is not suitable for growing in pots but only in large flowerbeds or rock gardens, either alone or in groups or even for creating large impenetrable hedges. It adapts to all types of soil as long as it is loose and well drained. Grow in full sun. Moderately rustic species, it resists short night frosts down to -6/-8°c. During the dry season it resists drought well, although it benefits from regular irrigation by waiting for the earth to dry between one irrigation and another.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Agave salmiana var. Ferox

    Family: Agavaceae

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