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Catalpa Speciosa - Catalpa (Square Vase 9X9X20 Cm)

Catalpa Speciosa - Catalpa (Square Vase 9X9X20 Cm)

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    Altezza della pianta: 70-100cm cm
    Medium-sized deciduous tree; it has a short, very branched stem and generally wide and rounded foliage; the bark is green-brown, dark, wrinkled; it grows quite rapidly, and is very long-lived, very old specimens can reach 8-12 m in height. It has very large leaves, 20-25 cm in diameter, light green on the upper side, lighter and slightly pubescent on the lower side, heart-shaped, wrinkled, with a long petiole, very similar to that of Paulownia, with which it is often confused. In late spring it produces numerous erect inflorescences, composed of bell-shaped flowers, white, with orange dots and red streaks, intensely scented; at the end of summer it produces long pod-like fruits, containing numerous seeds, which remain on the plant throughout autumn and most of winter.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers deep, rich and well-drained soil; it loves bright and sunny positions, but develops without problems even in partial or complete shade; Catalpas are not afraid of the cold and generally tolerate even the harshest or windiest winters well.

    Botanical name

    Catalpa speciosa


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