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Citrus australasica cv "pink pulp" - lemon caviar (Fitocella)

Citrus australasica cv "pink pulp" - lemon caviar (Fitocella)

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    Altezza della pianta: 100-120cm cm
    The Citrus genus has approximately 12 species of evergreen trees and shrubs, native to the Far East. Citrus australasica is a citrus fruit of Australian origin, commonly known as lemon caviar due to the small spherical vesicles present in the fruit, which resemble caviar. By chewing the vesicles, they release a flavor similar to that of lemon, but with a much more intense aroma. Other citrus fruits also have such vesicles, but the characteristic of this fruit is that they open up like caviar when the fruit is squeezed. This citrus fruit is a very thorny shrub or small tree up to 2-3 m tall, with small oval leaves. The flowers appear in spring and are creamy white. This cultivar has cylindrical fruits up to 8/10 cm long, with smooth bronze skin when ripe and pink pulp.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Grow in light, well-drained subacid or neutral soils. During the dry season, watering must be regular. It prefers an exposure in full sun or partial shade. Non-rustic species that cannot tolerate frost and temperatures below 0°C. In cold climates it should be grown in pots and sheltered during the winter.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Citrus australasica cv “pink pulp”

    Family: Rutaceae

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