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Ferocactus hamatacanthus - ferocactus (12 cm pot)

Ferocactus hamatacanthus - ferocactus (12 cm pot)

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    Altezza della pianta: 5-7cm cm
    Genus comprising about 30 species of spherical to columnar perennial cacti, native to the lowlands and mountainous areas of the southwestern United States and Mexico. The Ferocactus hamatacanthus is a cactus up to 15-18 cm tall characterized by a globose body that becomes cylindrical when mature. It shows regular ribs numbering 13-17, white radial spines (8-12) about 5-7 cm long and hooked central spines 8-12 cm long. The weakly scented flowers appear at the apex of the plant and are 8-12 cm large and pinkish yellow in colour. The fruits with gelatinous pulp contain numerous small black seeds.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Grow in well-drained soil not too rich in organic matter. Sunny exposure. In winter it resists down to -4°/-5°C as long as it is kept dry. It can be grown in the ground in Mediterranean gardens, where temperatures do not fall below freezing. In colder climates it can be grown in pots, placed outdoors during spring and summer and sheltered during autumn and winter.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Ferocactus hamatacanthus sin hamatocactus hamatacanthus

    Family: Cactaceae

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