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Crassula portulacea (syn. C. ovata) - Jade tree (Plant in tray) set of 2 plants

Crassula portulacea (syn. C. ovata) - Jade tree (Plant in tray) set of 2 plants

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    Genus including about 150 species of perennial or annual succulents and evergreen succulent shrubs, which vary from dwarf plants to arboreal plants and are native to arid or dry areas, at high or low altitudes of Africa, Madagascar and Asia, but especially from South Africa. Crassula portulacea is an evergreen succulent with an erect and globular shape and a large, fleshy stem up to 120-150 cm tall. The succulent leaves, up to 4-5 cm long, are dark green, shiny, with a red margin especially in plants exposed to the sun. At the beginning of winter it produces numerous short inflorescences, made up of 10-30 pretty, faintly scented pinkish-white flowers.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    This species is suitable for cultivation in pots or flowerbeds. The cultivation soil must be moderately fertile to poor, very drained, while the optimal exposure for harmonious development is in full sun, even if it adapts to being grown in partial shade. Non-rustic species that must be sheltered in a greenhouse or veranda where temperatures drop below 0°/-2°C.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Crassula portulacea sin. Crassula ovata

    Family: Crassulaceae

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