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Diospyros lotus - St. Andrew's tree (15 seeds)

Diospyros lotus - St. Andrew's tree (15 seeds)

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    Genus consisting of approximately 700 species of deciduous or evergreen trees spread across many continents. Some species are bred for the production of edible fruits and others for the production of excellent quality wood. Diospyros lotus is a deciduous tree with an erect habit and rounded crown, up to 13/15 m tall. It has a straight trunk onto which numerous ascending branches are inserted. The bark is brownish-grey and cracks in adult specimens. The leaves, intense green in colour, are large, shiny, elliptical in shape with a serrated margin. In autumn before fall the leaves take on magnificent orange-red shades. This species forms numerous root shoots and quickly forms small thickets. In autumn it produces numerous fruits, which are small spherical orange berries no larger than 2-3 cm. The berries, as in persimmons, are edible and sweet only once shriveled.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It adapts to all types of soil with the exception of those that are too asphyxiated and clayey, preferring those that are fresh, deep and with a good limestone content. Very rustic species, it resists even intense and prolonged frosts down to -14°/-16° c. Mature specimens tolerate drought well but young plants benefit from regular watering during the dry season. Requires sunny exposures, but also tolerates partial shade.


    From autumn to early spring

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Diospyros lotus

    Family: Ebenaceae

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