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Hesperaloe parviflora - red yucca (Square vase 7x7x10 cm)

Hesperaloe parviflora - red yucca (Square vase 7x7x10 cm)

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    Altezza della pianta: 20-30cm cm
    Genus of about 3 species of perennial succulents, closely related to Yucca, although the flowers are more similar to those of Aloe from which it takes its origin

    Botanical Information

    Botanical name. They are found in semi-arid regions of Texas, USA and New Mexico. Hesperaloe funifera is a caespitose succulent forming large tufts 100-150 cm high and up to 2 m wide in diameter. The leaves are rigid, linear, leathery, vivid dark green, 80-120 cm long with flaking edges that form more or less long filaments. During the summer the inflorescences develop, similar to a panicle, 1/1.5 m long with numerous dense, pendulous, creamy white flowers.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Grow in poor to moderately fertile, well-drained, neutral to subalkaline soil in full sun. Fairly rustic species, it resists not too long frosts down to -10°/-12°C.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Hesperaloe parvifolia

    Family: Agavaceae

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