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Vivai Mola della Abbadia srl

Perlite (10 litres)

Perlite (10 litres)

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    Valuable soil improver for growing and cutting substrates.
    Perlite is a natural and non-toxic product, obtained with a thermal expansion process of an extrusive rock with a high silicon content. Thanks to its granular and porous structure, it improves the permeability of the soil to water and air, thus protecting the root systems of our plants from root asphyxiation. Furthermore, this substrate is stable and does not undergo changes over time. Thanks to its porous structure it also guarantees good storage of nutrients. This material is inert and is not contaminated by weed seeds, microorganisms and parasites.

    Be careful when using it, moisten it or wear a mask to protect yourself from dust.

    pH: 7
    Grain size: 3-5mm

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