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Pistacia lentiscus - lentisk (Pot 18 cm)

Pistacia lentiscus - lentisk (Pot 18 cm)

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    Altezza della pianta: 100-120 cm
    Genus that includes 11 species of evergreen and deciduous, erect, dioecious trees and shrubs, native to the arid habitats of the Mediterranean, Central Asia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and the southern United States. They are grown mainly for their leaves, flowers and fruits. Pistacia lentiscus is a shrub or small dioecious evergreen tree up to 5-6 meters tall with compact and rounded foliage. The leaves are very fragrant and appear paripinnate, leathery and dark green in color, although in the cold they take on a reddish color. The plant bears fruit in autumn, producing fruits gathered in bright red clusters that are very pleasing to the eye. When ripe the fruits take on a black color.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It adapts to all types of soil, even very dry and stony ones. It can be grown in sun or partial shade. It tolerates wind and salt and also grows near the sea. It is a not very rustic species that cannot tolerate intense and prolonged frosts, suitable for Mediterranean gardens. The minimum temperature it can tolerate is -5°/-7°c. Due to the beauty of its foliage, its fruits and its compact habit, it is ideal for creating both free hedges and topiaries. It can also be used as a single plant to be trained as a sapling or shaped into geometric shapes or planted in a group with other bushes. Ideal for waterless gardens.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Pistacia lentiscus

    Family: Anacardiaceae

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