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Platanus acerifolia - hybrid plane tree (10 bare root plants)

Platanus acerifolia - hybrid plane tree (10 bare root plants)

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    Altezza della pianta: 30-40cm cm
    Genus that includes about 6 species of deciduous trees that live in valley bottoms and near streams in North America and Mexico, with one species in southeastern Europe and one in southeastern Asia. Botanists believe that Platanus acerifolius is a hybrid between Platanus orientalis and Platanus Occidentalis. It is a vigorous, large-scale deciduous tree, very long-lived and can reach 30-40 m in height. It has wide, spreading foliage and splayed branches. The light-colored bark is smooth and slightly fissured and flakes off in gray, brown and cream plaques. The leaves are up to 30 cm large with 5 deep lobes, shiny green in color and take on beautiful yellow-orange shades during autumn. The fruits are gathered in very decorative spherical infructescences, green then brown when ripe and persist on the branches from autumn until the end of winter. They contain many small winged seeds that disperse with the wind.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    Grow in fresh, deep soil that is not excessively draining. Since this is a species that lives along streams in constantly wet soil where water can sometimes overflow the banks, it can also tolerate periodic flooding of the land. Loves sunny positions; it is not afraid of the cold and tolerates very intense and prolonged frosts down to -20°/-22°C without problems. Due to its grandeur and beauty it is widely used to create tree-lined avenues. In parks and large gardens as an isolated plant or in groups to form groves. Even if it requires a lot of space to allow the foliage to develop freely, "willow head" training is possible to contain development without causing damage to the plant.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Platanus acerifolius

    Family: Platanaceae

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