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Robinia Pseudoacacia - Robinia (50-1000 Seeds)

Robinia Pseudoacacia - Robinia (50-1000 Seeds)

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    Genus of about 20 species of deciduous trees or shrubs, sometimes bristly or thorny, found in woodlands of the United States. Robinia pseudoacacia is a deciduous, thorny tree with a bushy habit, which can reach a height of 20-25 metres. It has an erect brown stem that is intensely fissured when ripe. The foliage is loose and densely branched. The leaves are compound, impartipinnate, pale green in color, with a short petiole. The intensely scented flowers are white in color and appear in dense, decorative pendulous inflorescences. The fruit is a leathery legume 5-10 cm long.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It adapts to any type of soil as long as it is not too dry. It prefers exposure in full sun or partial shade. Tolerates pollution. Very rustic plant, it tolerates minimum temperatures reaching -20°/-25°C. Widely used as a honey plant and as a stabilizer of slopes and embankments. It also produces excellent firewood.


    In spring, after scarification with hot water

    Botanical Information

    Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

    Family: Fabaceae

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