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Rosa fortuniana cv "Maria Cilento" pink by Fortrune (Forestry alveolo)

Rosa fortuniana cv "Maria Cilento" pink by Fortrune (Forestry alveolo)

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    Altezza della pianta: 3-8pm cm
    Genus of approximately 150 species of perennial, semi-evergreen or deciduous shrubs and climbers. They are found in a wide variety of habitats in Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America. Rosa Fortuniana is an ancient evergreen climbing rose cultivar, up to 15 m tall. It is a hybrid between R. banksiae and R. laevigata. It grows rapidly and produces numerous hairless stems, green in color and with few thorns. Dark green leaves, composed, made up of 5-7 leaflets. Around the end of April, this very vigorous cultivar produces numerous double, white, fragrant, showy flowers, gathered in inflorescences. Ideal for fences or to climb on walls and pergolas. This Rose was introduced for the first time from China to Europe in 1926 by Eng. Antonio De Meo, who brought it to the city of Naples as a gift to his fiancée, Mrs. Maria Cilento.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It prefers sunny exposures, but also adapts to partial shade. It can grow in all types of soil, even clayey or poor and stony, with summer dryness. This cultivar is completely rustic and resists cold and frost down to -15° /-18°C. It also tolerates drought well.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Rosa Fortuniana cv “Maria Cilento”

    Family: Rosaceae

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