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Stalpa - natural mole repellent (250 ml)

Stalpa - natural mole repellent (250 ml)

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    Stalpa is a mole repellent obtained from natural extracts of plant origin.
    This product is not toxic and does not pollute the environment and its application is safer even in areas close to homes and therefore more frequented by children or pets. The product is easy to use. Stalpa, with its olfactory action alone, discourages the entry of moles into the areas that need to be protected (preventive or conservative applications) or removes them when the infestation is already underway. The formulation is also active in repelling voles and field mice.

    Methods and doses of use
    Wet the area thoroughly
    Prepare a solution of 10 l of water by adding 100 ml of repellent
    With a normal backpack pump, or even with a watering can, evenly distribute the previously prepared solution over 70 m2 using a higher dose (110 ml/ 10 l) in cases of heavy infestation or in sandy soils.
    After application it is necessary to water again (10-15 minutes).
    NB. All further requirements and warnings are shown on the product packaging.

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