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Heavy soil PEAT AND POZZOLANA fertilized (10 Liters)

Heavy soil PEAT AND POZZOLANA fertilized (10 Liters)

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    The professional fertilized soil from our mix based on peat and pozzolana is a substrate obtained from a thoughtful mix of organic matrices (peat and manure) and particularly valuable minerals (pozzolana), ideal for transplanting the majority of arboreal and shrubby plants , both exotic and native. The addition of slow-release organic and inorganic fertilizers to the mix guarantees continuous and balanced nourishment for the plants for a period of approximately 30-40 days.
    It is also advisable to add slow-release fertilizer to the surface (covering) during the periods of greatest plant growth: spring and early autumn; however, it is not recommended to fertilize in the remaining periods of the year.
    To discover all the recipes for our professional growing media, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel!

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