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Tilia platyphyllos - common lime tree (Square vase 9x9x20 cm)

Tilia platyphyllos - common lime tree (Square vase 9x9x20 cm)

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    Altezza della pianta: 50-100cm cm
    Genus of 20-45 species of deciduous trees found in the woods of Europe, Asia and North America. Tilia platyphyllos is a very long-lived tall deciduous tree, 25-30 m tall, exceptionally up to 40 m. It has a slender trunk with wide, spreading foliage. The gray bark, initially smooth, is fissured in mature specimens but is less furrowed than in T. cordata. The heart-shaped leaves are light green in color and up to 10-12 cm long and take on beautiful golden yellow shades in autumn. Between May and June it produces many highly scented flowers, equipped with a characteristic bract, yellowish-white in color and gathered in pendant inflorescences made up of 2-5 hermaphroditic flowers.

    Pedoclimatic needs

    It adapts to all types of soil, even heavy and clayey ones, preferring moist, fresh and well-drained ones. Exposure to full sun stimulates copious flowering, but it also adapts to partial shade. Fairly rustic plant, it resists cold and frosts as long as they are not excessively intense up to -14°/-16°C. Due to the majesty of its habit, the thick shade and the fragrance of the flowering, it is widely used in parks, avenues and gardens. Even if it requires a lot of space to allow the foliage to develop freely, "willow head" training is possible to contain development without causing damage to the plant.

    Botanical Information

    Botanical Name: Tilia platyphyllos

    Family: Tiliaceae

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