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Buddleja davidii (purple flower) - butterfly plant (Forest honeycomb)

Buddleja davidii (purple flower) - butterfly plant (Forest honeycomb)

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Altezza della pianta: 30-50cm cm
Genus of about 100 species of evergreen, semi-deciduous and deciduous shrubs, sometimes trees and climbers, that live along watercourses and in the thickets of Asia, Africa and North and South America. Buddleja davidii is a medium-sized deciduous shrub with deciduous, fast-growing foliage. It reaches a height ranging from 2 m to 5 m. The stems are branched at the base, the leaves are ovate or lanceolate, the upper surface is glaucous green while the lower surface is white and cottony. The plant flowers from spring to late autumn and has a panicle inflorescence made up of numerous bunches of small, very fragrant flowers, in shades ranging from white to purple, depending on the cultivar.

Pedoclimatic needs

It adapts to all types of soil, preferring those that are well drained and rich in organic substance. The plant is very rustic and grows well in temperate climates, prefers exposure in full sun or partial shade and resists cold up to temperatures of -12°/-15°c.

Botanical Information

Botanical Name: Buddleja davidii

Family: Buddlejaceae

NB: you will receive the plants in a container without a pot. If you need to understand how to best decant your sockets, watch the video in this link , or choose pots and soil from the Pots and Soils collection .

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