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Nerium oleander from seed "pink" - oleander (Forest alveolus)

Nerium oleander from seed "pink" - oleander (Forest alveolus)

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Altezza della pianta: 20-70cm
Descriptions Genus of 1 or 2 species of evergreen shrubs or small trees, which grow spontaneously on the margins and beds of seasonally dry watercourses, from the Mediterranean regions to China. Shrub or small evergreen tree up to 5-6 m tall, bushy and compact with little branched stems. It has entire lanceolate, glabrous and leathery leaves. The peculiarity of the plant are the flowers, very showy and ornamental with colors that vary from white to pink to intense red and give off a pleasant sweetish scent. Flowering is very abundant and begins in the summer period and continues until the autumn period.

Pedoclimatic needs

It adapts to all types of soil as long as it is well drained. Grow in full sun. Ideal plant for gardens without water which can withstand very hot and dry climates but not very rustic and does not tolerate intense frosts, resisting down to -4°-6°C for short periods.

Botanical Information

Botanical Name: Nerium oleander

Family: Apocynaceae

NB: you will receive the plants in a container without a pot. If you need to understand how to best decant your sockets, watch the video in this link , or choose pots and soil from the Pots and Soils collection .

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