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Pinus pinea - stone pine (forest pine)

Pinus pinea - stone pine (forest pine)

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Altezza della pianta: 20-40cm
Genus that includes about 120 species of evergreen, monoecious tree or shrub conifers, long widespread in the forests of the northern hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to Central America, in Europe, northern Africa and south-eastern Asia. Pinus pinea is a fast-growing evergreen conifer with a robust trunk and initially spherical foliage which becomes umbrella-shaped in mature plants. It has robust radial branches and orange-brown plated bark as well as shoots and ovate buds. The needles of adult plants are green, shiny, twisted and spaced apart. The needles of young plants, however, are glaucous blue and persist for some years. The fruits are large green cones, spherical or ovoid, which turn brown when ripe. The pine cones ripen in the third year and when they open they release the edible seeds, which are the famous pine nuts, highly appreciated in various culinary preparations. It can reach 15-20 m in height.

Pedoclimatic needs

Grow in full sun in sandy, siliceous or volcanic soils, which are the ideal substrate for this species. However, it adapts to living in any type of soil as long as it is free from stagnation. Very resistant to drought and saltiness, it is ideal for all gardens without water. Due to its majestic appearance and the beauty of its umbrella-shaped foliage, it is widely used in parks and large gardens. It requires a lot of space to allow the hair to develop freely. Thermophilic species that loves warm climates but moderately resists cold down to -10°-/12°c for not too long periods.

Botanical Information

Botanical Name: Pinus pinea

Family: Pinaceae

NB: you will receive the plants in a container without a pot. If you need to understand how to best decant your sockets, watch the video in this link , or choose pots and soil from the Pots and Soils collection .

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Plant height: 20-40cm cm

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